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Pharmacist's role


Pharmacists hold an extremely important role in primary healthcare, carved out of their scientific and social inputs into our day-to-day lives. They offer you discreet and reliable guidance through minor ailments, serious health problems or even most delicate ‘little embarrassments’ you may not wish to share with other people.

In their learned, consistent and discreet manner, pharmacists point you to the relevant specialist fields, appropriate medicinal preparations or necessary medical aids. They can also suggest useful self-healing remedies, effective lifestyle changes, and ways to make the best of nature’s own resources.

For every primary health problem there is an effective solution in the pharmacy.

Our pharmacy offers the largest range of products, selected carefully to cater  your needs. Anything else you might require, we can locate for you in Greece and abroad.

In our pharmacy you will find the answer for baby care, female hygiene, obesity, sex life, contraception and also ways to give up smoking .

Beauty , sun care protection and the  entire universe of beauty care and well-being is our speciality!!!

Our Services


To make things easier for you, we offer to show you how to use medical and diagnostic devices properly, along with other useful information, e.g., how to take readings when measuring your blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels, how to use nebulisers, etc.

We dispense prescriptions written by all health insurance funds, as do all pharmacies in Greece. In addition, when required by your GP for your treatment, we can import medicinal and parapharmaceutical products authorized by the Hellenic National Organization for Medicines (EOF).

Beauty , sun care protection and the  entire universe of beauty care and well-being is our speciality!!!



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